Biography of the Executive Secretary



Born in Katanga Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Professor Alphonse Daniel Ntumba Luaba Lumu is married and a father of six children. Graduated in International Public Law (University of Kinshasa, DRC), Professor Ntumba Luaba holds a Diploma in Community Law, a PhD in International Public Law and a Post-Doctoral Degree in Public Law at the University of Nancy (France). In 1991, he became an Accociate Professor at the University of Kinshasa (1991), before heading the International Public Law and International Relations Department in the same University in 2001, as an Ordinary Professor.

Professor Ntumba Luaba served in many capacities in the Congolese Government, including as a Cabinet Director to the Vice-President of the Republic in charge of reconstruction and infrastructure, Secretary General of the Transitional Government, Deputy Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Human Rights.

This seasoned politician is first of all an enthusiastic defender of the Human Rights, Gender, etc., issues for which he campaigned in the framework of his mandate at the ministry of Human Rights. Thus in June 2001, he initiated the development and the follow-up of the implementation of the Government policy on the promotion and protection of Human Rights as well as the organization of a National Conference on Human Rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tireless in his search for peace, Professor Ntumba Luaba, has proven to be a good mediator and negotiator. He was once taken hostage by rebel movements in Ituri , in the North-East part of DRC, an area prone to serious conflicts opposing a variety of rebel movements and armed militias. It is in this context that he helped to pacify a few months later the area of Ituri through negotiations with different rebel movements and militias that took place in Dar-Es-salam. Besides, Professor Ntumba Luaba has never ceased to work for the protection of the most vulnerable groups in the Great lakes Region through his involvement in the implementation and supervision of a way out plan and social rehabilitation for child soldiers, and Victims of Sexual Violence and Gender-Based Violence in the Great Lakes Regions.

Committed to contribute to stability, peace, development and regional integration in the Great Lakes, he held the position of Deputy Executive Secretary at the Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL) since June 2009.

It is from this last function that he was unanimously elected on December 15th, 2011 in Kampala (Uganda) as the new Executive Secretary by the eleven Heads of States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).