The Secretariat of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) welcomes the  signing of the  Peace  Agreement between the  Sudanese Government and  armed groups in Juba  the  capital of South Sudan on 31st August 2020.

Signing the said peace   agreement is a major breakthrough and a great step in consolidating peace and stability in Sudan. The agreement addresses important issues   relating to power sharing, promotion of stability, and   the   return of displaced persons.   Moreover the  peace deal  lays  the  foundation for  sustainable peace   and   stability  in  Darfur  and   other  conflict-affected areas.   Furthermore, agreement demonstrates the  commitment of the  all Sudanese parties to prioritize peace  and  stability; accordingly the  Conference Secretariat (CS) hails the  said  step and  applauds it.

The CS  confirms its support to the Sudanese Peace Agreement of 31st August 2020 and   expresses  its   commitment  to  continue  coordination with: the   Sudanese Government; all   Sudanese   parties   and    development  partners   for    the implementation of programs and  initiatives that  would boost  the  developmental priorities of Sudan especially in the  war-affected areas.

The Conference Secretariat commends the Government of South Sudan for its role in  facilitating  the   peace   negotiations, and appreciates  the valuable  support provided by the  United Nations and  regional and  bilateral partners that helped in making the  peace  agreement possible.


Bujumbura 2nd of September 2020


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