Program of Action Gender, Women and Children

1. Background

Establishment of the P​rogram

With the signing of the Pact and its protocols, ICGLR Member States expressed their willingness to mainstream gender, women and children dimensions in all four ICGLR Programs of Action.  The Gender, Women and Children Program (hereafter referred to as “Gender Program”) coordinated by the ICGLR Conference Secretariat is nevertheless the latest program of the ICGLR. It was established in 2014 following the approval by ICGLR Heads of States of the recommendation made by the ICGLR Women’s Forum, to establish a gender program within the Secretariat.

Prior to the establishment of the Gender Program, the Conference Secretariat had a dedicated Gender Unit from 2007 to 2014, supported by UNWOMEN (UNIFEM at the time). It was composed of three staff including a Senior Gender Expert, a Junior Gender Expert as well as a Communication Specialist. The Unit was part of the Cross-Cutting Issues Program which focused on issues related to Gender, Human Rights, Human Settlement, Youth, HIV/AIDS and Environment. In addition, the Unit was tasked to mainstream those issues in the other four Regional Programs.

The revised organigram of the Conference Secretariat, featuring the new Program of Action for Gender, Women and Children was formally adopted during the ICGLR Heads of State Summit held in January 2014.  Since then, the Gender Program became the fifth Program of Action managed by the ICGLR Conference Secretariat. In order to achieve the ...(Click to read more)


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General overview of the Gender, Women and Children Program

Press release: Celebration of the women's month 2021 edition, launch of the webpage and key documents of the ICGLR program on Gender, Women and Children


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