The Regional Follow-Up Mechanism

 The Heads of State Summit:

Heads of State and Government of the Great Lakes Region Summit

The Summit is the Supreme organ of the Conference and it is chaired by a Head of State and Government of a member State in rotation. The Summit held once every two years. An extraordinary session of the Summit may be convened at the request of one Member State and upon the consent of the qualified majority of eight of the majority of the ratifying Member States present and voting.

The Regional Interministerial Committee:

Meeting of Great Lakes Region Foreign Affairs Ministers

It is the Executive organ of the Conference. It may meet in ordinary session twice a year. It may meet in extraordinary session on the request of one Member State with the consent of the absolute majority of Member States.

National Coordination and Collaboration Mechanism:

Each Member State establish a National Coordination Mechanism to facilitate the implementation of this Pact in that member State in cooperation with the Member State. The Executive Secretariat:

With its headquarter in Bujumbura, the Conference Secretariat is the technical arm and coordinating body of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.